Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Independence USA

When I first started this blog I had a plan to keep it in some type of sensible order, however it hasn't really turned out that way.  So please...forgive me for what at this stage might appear to be nonsenible ramblings. It will all come together eventually.

I'll continue with the baby steps of preps, then move on to some of the more serious stuff.  I'll also continue with the Oil Shockwave Scenario posts.

For now though I wanted to talk about the new Glenn Beck GBTV reality show Independence USA.  I haven't seen it yet; it's on either tonight or has been on very recently.  However given the previews and  interviews with Mr Beck himself, I can only say this has the potential to be a great show.

The primary basis for the show is to prepare yourself enough so that you can survive a crisis, independent from external resources or institutions.  While I don't think this is really can't do everything yourself; it is important to have at least one skill that can be essential to survival in a long term emergency.  The real idea is to come together as a community where each person has skills that can contribute to the survival of their neighbours.  You can't do all this yourself, you must work together.

Whether the show tries to make one man or one family the basis for all skills and knowledge to survive on their own, or whether it's more realistic in bringing a community together so everyone can survive and thrive, this is yet to be seen.

I have a criticism on a part of the show already though.  From what I can tell they are attempting to design a sustainable method to keep a car running in a crisis.  Trying to grow biofuels or using wood gas, or any of the other "green-type" methods of running a vehicle without refined oil products is a bad idea and a waste of valuable time, knowledge and resources that could be used for something else.  There's already a sustainable replacement for a's called a horse.  The K.I.S.S. principle applies here.

Lets hope though that the show is so good that blogs like my own are superfluous.

The big problem I see is it's unlikely the show will make it out of the USA.  Heaven forbid any of you attempt to download it...I'd never condone something illegal :)

I'd be very interested to hear Mr Beck's own opinion on people downloading his show, given that he has said he is against SOPA and PIPA, but has invested heavily in the show himself.

I'm getting a lot of hits on this blog from people in Portugal, where they are currently undergoing a financial crisis that could be the start of the end of their economy.  I'm hoping the show at least makes it over there to help those who are obviously in desperate need of help and advice at the moment.  None of us are safe in the constantly evolving global financial crisis.  While I encourage people to read this blog, don't wait for me to tell you what to do.  I'm a slow typer, and this could play out faster than I can post.


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